Abstract Submission to ICIDN-2020 is Now OPEN !!!
Please submit your abstract as an e-mail attachment to icidn2020@gmail.com mentioning the preferred way of presentation (either oral or poster). Please also attach your short CV (as a pdf file) (one page maximum) if you are submitting the abstract for oral presentation.

Guidelines &/or Information for Abstract Submitter:

Abstract can be submitted for Oral and/or Poster presentation at ICIDN-2020.

Language: All abstracts must be submitted in English with accurate spelling and grammar.

Abstracts Submission Limit: Only one (1) abstract submission per submitter [up to two abstracts can be considered only under special circumstances]

Abstract Page Limit:
The abstract should not be more than a page.

Abstract Submission Period: November 1, 2019 to August 1, 2020 Now OPEN !!!

Presenting Author:  The same presenter cannot be assigned to more than one (1) abstract as presenting author but can be included as co-author(s) on more than one submission.

Co-Author(s):  You can include up to ten (10) co-authors on your submission but they should be aware of being included in your submission.

Main body of Abstract: The abstract should be concise and include the background and significance of the study, a brief description of essential methodologies, major findings and conclusions.
Please DO NOT separate an abstract into subheadings (such as Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion etc.). Abstract should be typed in Times New Roman font with size 12, single line spaced and justified. The main body of abstract should not exceed 300 words.

Use of Symbols in Abstract: Please do not include scientific or engineering symbols, acronyms, numbers, bullets, or lists inside the abstract.

Figures in Abstract: One key figure can be placed (but not necessary!).

References in Abstract: None.

File Indexing: Last name.First name_Abstract20.xx (where xx= doc, or docx, or RTF)

Size of Abstract File:
The total size of an abstract should not exceed 300 KB .

Method of Submission: e-mail attachment to icidn2020@gmail.com mentioning the preferred way of presentation (either oral or poster). Send us your abstract in the Conference banner (as mentioned in the
ABSTRACT TEMPLATE ) either in Microsoft Word or RTF file format. You may send an additional PDF file for control purposes only.

Abstract Submission Deadline: August 1, 2020 (5:00 PM Local Nepal Time) Now Open!!!

The guidelines for preparation of your abstract is also available in the ABSTRACT TEMPLATE in RTF or PDF format .



After successful submission, the submitter will receive a confirmation email from the organizer acknowledging the receipt of abstract. If you do not receive a confirmation email by one week of the date of submission, please contact us at icidn2020@gmail.com .

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the ICIDN-2020 Scientific Committee for the possibility to include in oral or poster presentation at the conference. The scientific quality and relevance to the conference themes will be the sole criteria applied to select an abstract for oral or poster presentation. Abstract submitted for oral presentation can be accepted for poster. The authority for final decision lies in the Organizing Committee of ICIDN-2020. Abstracts submitter will receive a notification email from the ICIDN-2020 secretariat about the decision (acceptance or rejection) on their submitted work by August 30, 2020 . If you do not receive a notification email by the above mentioned deadline, please contact us at icidn2020@gmail.com or to the telephone numbers provided in the conference website.

Accepted oral or poster submitters have to respond within a week of receipt of a decision letter from the organizers. The notification email will also provide instructions for registration to the meeting. Only registered contributions will be included in the conference’s program and book of abstracts .

For the preparation of your presentation, specific details and instructions will be provided once the deadline for abstract submission is over.


Last Updated on November 1, 2019